Saturday, January 31, 2015

Paper Sizes

Love the DIN formats. Just keep folding the sheet in half...There are also B and C series for envelopes and other things. See also here and here.

From Brandbook @ Flicker

Monday, January 19, 2015

The Bonefolder (no, not that one)

Recently acquired volumes 1-9 (of 12) of the Falzbein (the Bone Folder), the successor publication to the Buchbinderlehrling. The first volume appeared in 1948, the last in this form in 1960. A journal like this was a bridge to trade school that continued the overall education of the young apprentices because at that time they were dropped from the university-bound track. Subjects included social studies, math, and science as they related to binding. This also included paper making, leather tanning and parchment making, cloth, and in-depth engineering of bookbinding machines... Unlike the Buchbinderlehrling, this one also included numerous cartoons in each volume by Jopf. Can't find anything about him online, so he will remain a mystery, for now...

Below a cartoon from that first volume. I'll share more with translated captions.
My daddy isn't here. How would you like to have your prayerbook bound,
as a springback, perforated, or like a calendar
with tear-off pages?

But all good things have to end as indicated by this note in the parent periodical, the Allgemeiner Anzeiger für Buchbindereien (AAfB), Vol. 73, 1960, pg 120:
The Falzbein will cease publication and the editorial board will say farewell in it to its readers with the March issue. That the decision to cease publication was not premature was  demonstrated by the apathy of the whole [bookbinding] trade that found no words of regret regarding the decision. So, we will publish our last articles with this issue. As of April, the Masters who subscribe to the AAfB will have 2 pages in that publication that they can refer their apprentices to.
The colleague in Germany who shared that notice reports that the new "minimal" format comprised 2 ~ 3 articles and ca 1/2 page for the serialized version of Moessner's Buchbinder ABC, a bookbinding dictionary in German. Schmedt, a large bookbinding supply company provides it online. Publication in any form ceased in 1966.

My next post will hopefully contain photos of my 9 volumes and a bit more background information. If not, I'll share another caricature or two. As in the case of the Buchbinderlehrling, the volumes were all bound by apprentices in various styles.