Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Bone Folder on Jeff Peachey's Blog

Thank you to Jeff Peachey for the opportunity to answer some questions regarding my translation of Ernst Collin's Pressbengel as The Bone Folder.
Peter answered three questions about this project:
1. Why did you call this The Bone Folder?
2. What do you see as the role of tools in this work?
3. Why should someone purchase this limited edition when you have already released a version online for free?

Read my full responses on his blog here.

 And, if you're not following his blog, consider doing so for interesting posts about the history and craft of bookbinding, tools, and more...


Sunday, July 17, 2016

Mehr Werbung - Fritz Merker, Berlin

Also recently received this undated postcard from the firm of Fritz Merker in Berlin's fashionable Charlottenburg district. On the card, Merker advertises their services as cutting mats, bookbinding, making portfolios, mounting drawings, and making modern bindings.

Habe auch vor kurzem diese undatierte Postkarte der Firma Fritz Merker aus Berlin-Charlottenburg bekommen auf der als Passepartoutfabrik und Buchbinderei mit allen Diensten der guten Sortimentsbuchbinderei geworben wird.

Schillerstrasse 94

The card was also used to advertise a change of address.

Auf der Karte wurde auch auf eine Adressenänderung hingewiesen.

Knesebeckstraße 80/81

Based on the map on the postcard, it was where the new building is to the right of the pin below.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Bookbinding as Rehabilitation | Buchbinderei als Rehabilitation

Last May I shared a number of articles and other publications related to bookbinding as rehabilitation.  I recently received a postcard from Germany depicting the bookbinding workshop of the Pfeiffersche Anstalten in Magdeburg-Cracau, likely from the time around World War I or thereafter based on fashions... US Senate Document 166 from 1918, Vocational Rehabilitation of Disabled Soldiers and Sailors, mentions a call for support to build a trades-based home for war veterans there from 1915, helping with the dating.

Im letzten Mai teilte ich einige Artikel und andere Herausgebungen zu Thema von Buchbinderei als Rehabilitation. Vor kurzer Zeit bekam ich aus Deutschland eine Postkarte die "Lehrwerkstätten Buchbinderei" der Pfeiffersche Anstalten in Magdeburg-Cracau zeigt. Das Bild entstand um die Zeit des Ersten Weltkriegs oder danach den Moden nach. Ein Bericht des US Senats von 1918, US Senate Document 166, über die berufliche Rehabilitation von verwundeten Soldaten und Matrosen erwähnte die Gründung dieser Anstalt in 1915 was auch mit der Datierung hilft.

Lehrwerkstätten Buchbinderei

The Pfeiffersche Anstalten were also very involved in providing learning opportunities akin to those in todays "sheltered workshops" to a wide range of individuals with special needs from children to the elderly. In addition to the trade-based programs these facilities also offered medical care and therapies appropriate to the needs. Based on an a German article from 2015, after 1933 many became victims of the Nazi's euthanasia  program.

Ein "Blatt" über die Pfeifferische Anstalten war auch stark in der Fuersorge von Kindern, Kriegsinvaliden, und Anderen tätig. Es wurde auch ärztliche Hilfe und Therapie angeboten. In der Zeit nach 1933 wurden die Anstalten dann von dem "Euthanasieprogramm" betroffen.