Thursday, April 7, 2016

Human Library 2016 - a book about books about books

At the Human Library and all "meta" as the "book" (Z700.9 Library of Congress classification for my authority record) "You Can Judge a Book by its Cover." Got to talk books, and show books largely about bookbinding. Was "checked out" 3x, renewed 1x, and browsed 2x. Based on current policies and workflows I'm pretty sure I won't be weeded or transferred to the preservation environment in our offsite facility... Whew!

All bindings by me, with exception of my copy of Claudia Cohen's "Bookbinding Ephemera" that displays the materials used in bookbinding so beautifully. View images of the book at

Here my catalog record. Next time, full LC and Dewey classifications.


Watch a nice short documentary about the event at Syracuse.

The Human Library is an international idea,, The Syracuse University Libraries, where I work, have hosted an event since 2014. This was my first time as a book.