Monday, November 8, 2021

Taking a Break

I know this blog has been very quiet for the past month and a half, but after a very busy summer and early fall, I decided to take a break from the books and decompress with some training. The trains have been long neglected, in need of a deep dusting and cleaning, and most of all just wanted to be run again. Fritz Otto agreed, helped, and got in on the fun. In some respects it was a very "meta" experience. There are a lot of bookbinding skills applied throughout the layout, too, particularly box making, as most of the structures are made of card, some kits, but most built from scratch using photos as a basis with photo-realistic pattern sheets.

So, while dusting, cleaning, and running trains, I will be thinking of next steps on a few bookish projects. First and foremost turning the research from my Pappband/Ur-Bradel workshop that I taught for the University of Iowa Center for the Book into some form of article for somewhere. I also want to finish my German-language version of the fish skin articles. I also want to finish some binding projects and start new ones, in addition to continuing to share all my bibliophilic rabbit holes. Mind you though, all at a more relaxed pace with little to no pressure.

What would YOU be interested in learning more about from the German binding traditions?