Saturday, August 4, 2018

A Bookbinder's Journey

Was very honored to have been asked to give a presentation on my career as a bookbinder with a focus on my creative (rather than conservation/preservation) work. Among the facets discussed were how my experiences and the mentorship I received as a work-study student guided me to apprentice in me “native” Germany; the materials and techniques used to craft my bindings, many of which have been exhibited throughout the US and abroad; and a recent project that ties together many of the threads of my career. In addition to slides, I brought a selection of bindings, and some of the tools and materials I use in my work for attendees to explore.

See my 4-part interview with Sarah Kim, The Ponderings of a Bookbinding Student for more about my experiences Slides for the presentation can be found here. Sample slides below.

A Bookbinder's Journey
Title slide

First internship

Apprenticeship and earning my chops...

The Book of Origins

Parchment from fish

Additional images from the Syracuse University Libraries' Instagram feed:

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