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Help [Hübel & Denck] Advertise!

Help [Hübel & Denck] Advertise!

"A good book is the best friend and helper anytime!," "read books, knowledge is power!," and "give books at every occasion!" Hübel & Denck, based in Leipzig was one of Germany's largest trade binderies, binding everything from notebooks to literature, including very high end specialty work. The image is from their house journal that published articles about typography, design, bookbinding, collecting, ...

From Hübel & Denck's "Monatsblätter für Bucheinbände und Handbindekunst," vol 2, nr. 12, 1925-26.

Each of the issues in the journal had it's own unique style that included the paper, typography, graphic elements, and samples of materials. More about those later.

The bindery and book cover factory Hübel & Denck, 1895.
Franz Weisse worked there in their extra-binding department.
Hübel & Denck also published the Monatsblätter für Bucheinbände und Handbindekunst (1924-28),
a monthly newsletter with articles by and for bibliophiles that Ernst Collin wrote for as well.
Each issue had its own distinctive typographical design and often included samples of materials

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