Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Making Parchment From Fish Skin (The Webinar)

Now available on YouTube, the recording from today's lunchtime webinar. 109ish viewers while live, not bad. Actually a great turnout. Good questions in live feed as well. Regrettably those were not captured with the video. I did sort of repeat and respond to the questions in the recording though.

Enjoy, and please consider trying this yourself, as well as entering the Bind-O-Rama. The entry form is now online, deadline of June 30 to enter. Hope to see what you've made from fish skin. Early shares are showing a good number of happy nascent piscatorial binders.

Book Arts arts du livre Canada (Vol 10., Nr. 2, 2019)

"Fish Tales, experiments with fish skin for bookbinding
The New Bookbinder: Journal of Designer Bookbinders (2020)


  1. Has anyone tried using Dr Bronner's unscented castille soap instead of unscented dish detergent?

    1. Daniel, Just posted your question to the Facebook group of a workshop I'm taking and got two replies, both positive. They use it and love it. Go for it. Look forward to seeing your results.

  2. Daniel, I hope this gets a response here, but I would also post to Book_Arts-L. In the worst case, I would just go ahead and try it? The most you lose is the skin. Just remember to use cold water. Let me know how it goes. Peter